Monday, January 08, 2007
Justine Day 4, and TW

I've been stitching exclusively on Justine now for 4 days. I will be frogging the first four "red" letters on the 4th line since they're charted incorrectly and I'll be making them the same as the fiber used in the church below.

Today is Monday, so it's my first "Monday with TW" stitch-along on Castle Sampler. I honestly cannot remember the last time I stitched on it. I know where it is though and I know I've stitched on it for 100 hours. LOL

I've received my fabric and fibers for French Alphabet Sampler and will be starting it on Saturday. Husband and I decided on OMG Red by Vikki Clayton stitched on 40 ct Elegant Bean by Elegant Stitch.

I'll be working on Castle Sampler on Monday, Justine on Tuesday through Friday, and French Alphabet Sampler on Saturday and Sunday. The only time I plan on not stitching this way is when a RR piece needs attention.

This is the beginning of my full-time week at home. Next week, on Wednesday, classes start. I will be taking 1 class, twice a week in the mornings. I think this is going to be a great transition in getting back to work full time. I'll know more about when I'll go back part-time on Feb 1. For now, though, I plan to stitch as much as possible this week.

I did overdo it a bit this weekend. Nothing strenuous, just too much. Saturday was a trip to the bank, then to Macy's for eye cream, then out to lunch. It was delicious Greek. Then yesterday a trip to the grocery store, then putting most of the groceries away, two loads of laundry, including the bedding, but Husband remade the bed. I even cut and roasted potatoes last night to go with the steaks Husband grilled. I took an hour and a half nap yesterday afternoon with both my furbabies! LOL
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