Friday, December 01, 2006
December Goals
I didn't do to hot on my November Goals

Finish QRR piece by Nov 22 - Done
Finish Haiku's head and work up to the flower - didn't even touch it!
Continue working on The Token on weekends - almost finished!
Finish Red Desert Scissor Pocket - nope!
Start computer cataloging stash - hahahahaha!
Have a great Thanksgiving! - oh yeah, baby!

I'm not real sure what December will hold for me in the stitching department since half of the month will happen after surgery, but being the optimistic individual that I am:

Finish QRR piece by Dec 8
Get fabric ready for January SBRR
Finish all but the "signature" portion of The Token
Finish stitching Red Desert Scissor Pocket
Start computer cataloging stash
Have a great Christmas
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