Thursday, November 09, 2006
The birthday dinner that wasn't
Last night for dinner I hit the drive through at the Taco Bell, next to the CVS. I got a phone call from Husband right before I left work telling me that Son and Girlfriend both have the flu (wonder how they both got it at the same time???) and neither felt like eating out.

Husband had a chili cook-off at work yesterday, but for some strange reason when he got to work my slow-cooker was warped and the bottom of the pot wouldn’t make contact with the heating element so he ended up bringing the chili back home. He was proud that he had dinner for us since we weren’t going out. Now, I love a good hot chili, but I like to be able to taste the ingredients over the heat. The whole premise of their chili cook-off is to see who has the hottest, edible, chili. He does and I don’t like it.

So, since Son and GF are sick and Husband’s chili is not edible, I went to CVS to stock up on the flu meds and went next door to Taco Bell. To say this is not what I was expecting in the culinary arena is putting it mildly. Anyway, we’re going out Friday night.

I also ended up going to bed at 8:30 last night. It was a bad “health” day for me yesterday and I was kind of wiped out, even though work was rather mild. I did end up having to do 2 interviews, and we’re going to offer the job to one of them today.

I cannot remember if I mentioned that I’ve received the next QRR. It belongs to Melissa, and she just happens to have mine right now. Husband and I are going shopping tomorrow so I can start Christmas shopping and getting ready for my surgery. I imagine we’ll be gone most of the day, but if we’re not I plan on starting the stitching on the RR.
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