Thursday, November 16, 2006
By Boss is great!
First, thanks for the comments. It's kind of funny, but I never feel like I've been busy when I look back on what I've done. I just can't figure out why time is getting away with me until I reflect. Hi to Renee :) and Margie, my Bandit is an Italian Greyhound and is the most perfect, well behaved spoiled brat angel you could ever meet. He owns me lock, stock and barrel :)

Now, to Boss. Yesterday was a bear! One of our students came in between the time we closed the day before and when we opened and left us an "I quit" letter; payroll was not correct; and then I had a client payment that I could not get to post properly. I was grumbling and growling at the computer and when I finally got it done properly Boss asked me what was going on that I was having so much trouble with. I told him what was happening and then made some flip comment that it would take copious amounts of chocolate for me to recuperate from my aggravation. Unbeknownst to me he got on the phone to our new office assistant, who was out making our bank deposit, and told her to find a store that sold chocolate cake and milk, so he could take care of his office manager. When I found this out, I was really hardspent to keep from crying! LOL It was delicious and we're having it again today....I've been fighting with the copier trying to get hundreds of deposition exhibits copied.

I got a great phonecall from my doc today. He called to confirm some aspects of my surgery and to tell me about the ton of paperwork I'll need to complete and the bloodwork and physical exam I should be expecting at my pre-op appointment next month. It was such a nice surprise, since when I heard his voice I was scared to death he was calling to cancel. He also told me about anxiety and pain management and some other prep work that would/would not be needed. Unfortunately he couldn't tell me what part of the day my surgery would be and when I expressed a fear of having to wait around all day for my turn, he promised to make it worth my wait (discussing drugs again).
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