Monday, November 27, 2006
I get by with a little help from my friends
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving "weekend."

The first thing I was told when I got to Husband's Boss's house on Thursday was that he and his wife were splitting up. I'm so saddened by this, since they're both sweet people. She proceeded to wait on me hand and foot while I was there. I was grateful since I was kind of worn out from cooking all morning.

Friday was spent doing copious amounts of nothing. Husband went surfing (Thursday morning too), then when he got home we made a last minute decision to not go to the movies so we could watch LSU chomp on Arkansas. It was a heartwrenchingly good game!

Saturday I headed south to visit with my friends. I had a great get together with Nancy, Melissa, Karen, Becky, Darla and Dawn at Stitchers' Treasures then we all headed to Chili's to pig out and gossip. I think Nancy, Melissa, Karen, Darla and I stood outside of Chili's for an hour afterward talking about my upcoming surgery and the Big "O." I know you're all reading this, so I'll just say, you're all nuts and I love you all to pieces! LOL

As soon as I walked in the door Saturday afternoon I practically turned right around and headed back out to the grocery store to pick up stuff for turkey bone gumbo then spent the next hour stirring roux. I think it was close to 8 p.m. by the time we ate, but after my huge lunch, that was okay. It was delish!

Sunday we headed to see Casino Royale, then out to lunch, then to the dog park where Bandit was in his element and entertained everyone by running all the other dogs ragged. He was in typical greyhound form with his zigging and zagging and leaping over people and pups last minute to avoid collision. I don't think we were there an hour before he came over and started begging to be picked up which is his sign that he's ready to go home for a 2 hour nap. I did get laundry started but we had a power outage that had us sitting in the living room and conversing by oil lamp. After watching Casino Royale, Husband's interest in Bacharat was rekindled so he read the Hoyle book to me by flashlight before we called it an extremely early night.

This morning we overslept since his watch only went off once and it rained on me all the way to work. It took me an hour and a half to get here. I sat and chewed my tongue while New Girl attempted to do the payroll and said many small prayers that it wouldn't get messed up while I'm gone. I've already decided to figure my time for this payperiod and my leave time so at least my paychecks won't be messed up while I'm off work.

I have 2 weeks of work left, and for the first time I'm excited about surgery. I have been reassured by some very trustworthy ladies that it's a piece of cake. I'm so reassured that I've decided to have a "coming-out" party at my house the Saturday before. I talked to Husband about it and he's going to help me clean the house and get my decorations out, since my stamina is nil now. Of course being the Marine that he is, we need a schedule to get it done! LOL

So, to all of you who were there Saturday, be watching for your e-mail invite.

P.S. As to my last post, there were several things and reactions of several people that caused me to be "entertained." And if you're a celebrity watcher, you could very well have been one of them ;)
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