Monday, November 20, 2006
I need a weekend
I gave up my Saturday morning (actually until 3:00) to go with Son and Husband to look for a vehicle for Son. We turned the Miata over to a salvage yard and since Husband had told Son a long time ago that the Miata was a short term vehicle, we needed to get him another one. They had decided on a Jeep Cherokee type vehicle and there were 3 listed Saturday morning. I got so tired of Son’s attitude over there and during lunch out (which we never get to share together) that I sat in the car the whole time they were looking and only emerged during the contract signing phase (yes, my “career” took over).

I’m so tired of Son’s “my life sucks” attitude I could just scream! I think I’ve finally reached the point when I’ve given up on him. Isn’t that terrible!

Anyway, Son has informed us he’s decided to join the Navy. He’s chosen the Navy because he wants to stay close to the ocean. Sounds like a good reason to me. Whatever. If it happens I’ll be surprised. The last couple of years he’s never followed through on anything he’s said he’s going to do, why should I think this time is any different.

We did take Bandit to the park later in the afternoon where he proceeded to embarrass me by trying to mount all the girls there. Of course Husband’s only comment was “that’s my boy.” Since we were still full from lunch (Greek!) we had soup for dinner and it was by far the best potato soup I’ve had in a very long time. I just couldn’t get in the mood for anything joyful so I read instead of doing any stitching or watch a movie. Grrrr.

Sunday we had to do the grocery thing since I missed it on Saturday and now I’m worried the turkey won’t thaw by Thursday. I also was stuck doing laundry all day yesterday (and didn’t finish) because we were gone almost all day Saturday and I can’t stand going to the grocery store in the afternoon because people have their kids in there. Early Saturday is best because all the little monsters are doing sports, etc.

I am so glad it’s a short week. I took the train instead of driving this morning. I figure New Girl can do the shopping for the office. I have my doubts about her, but am keeping my mouth shut until I return from my “vacation.” Boss can deal with whatever shortcomings she exhibits. I know this probably sounds terrible, but I don’t want to be her friend. She has told me more stuff about her that I could care less about, nor do I deem it appropriate “office” talk. If I had known a couple of the things she’s told me I would have recommended NOT hiring her! And she just irritates me. This morning I’ve discovered she sat at my desk on Saturday and used the date stamp on my blotter trying to figure out if the date was right. Hello! Use your own damn desk! She also makes comments about she doesn't know what she's going to do without me and I in turn tell her she'll do just fine without me.
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