Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Electricity. Who needs it?

It’s amazing the things that go through your head when you come home to find a notice on your door that the electricity will be turned off from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. ON A SATURDAY! Hello! Why don’t they do it during the week when the majority of people are not at home??? That would make too much sense I suppose, and after all this is a Bush run government we’re talking about, so there hasn’t been any “sense” involved in the last 6 years, why should they start now. “Crap” doesn’t even begin to describe what I think about this. I’m in nesting mode people! I need my ‘tricity to clean!

Husband’s first thought was “cool, we’ll go shopping all day.” Sounds great, but I don’t know that my body can handle being on my feet all that time. So now we’ve started planning what to do away from the house or at the house with no electricity. Going to the grocery store, movies and dog park might use up 5 hours if we count travel time. We’ll have to eat out at least 1 meal, and that might use up another hour. I know there’s a lot of cleaning we can do without electricity so I think we’ll be covered. It’s just inconvenient. It’s MY weekend. I don’t need to be inconvenienced! And what if LSU is playing on TV on Saturday!?! And almost worse than that, it means I’ll have to be in and out of the shower with my hair dried by 7 a.m. -- on a Saturday! Tragedy!

The only good thing is at least we’ve received notice. There have been times in the past where none was given.

All but a 3x5' spot of the living room was shampooed last night. It still looks bad, just now it’s not awful. Cheapie government goods don’t withstand wear and tear of 5 years. The carpeting is replaced every time someone moves out and they buy carpet that should last only 3 years at the most. I have 1.5 more years in this house. We’re the only people who’ve lived in this house since it was gutted and refurbished so we may be able to see concrete in spots by the time we move out.

Tonight we’ll finish the shampooing, get the furniture back in place and finish up in there. Husband is going to get his shop vac out and work some type of magic with it tonight. I'm not even going to ask what he's planning to do. I suppose the tree will go up Thursday evening. I guess we don't need electricity to decorate, except to see if the indoor lights are working.
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