Monday, October 30, 2006
I was a lazy stitcher this weekend
I got home Friday to see that Son had haphazardly mowed the yard. I didn’t say a word, being thankful that he’d at least done something. He had also loaded the dishwasher. Of course when it came time to unload it most of the things were just tossed in there so were upside down and full of icky water. He rarely does things with any attention to detail. I am thankful that he has been trying to contribute more around the house though. I think what I’m going to do is ask him to just unload and I’ll take care of the loading in the future. It will keep us from having to rewash some of the dishes.

I have been trying to get back into my version of Flylady this past month. Since we all work and/or go to college I leave the big cleaning to the weekend. I modified Flylady’s Crisis Cleaning 101 to fit my cleaning needs when I first started. Now, I sort of do zone cleaning. I have a list of all the rooms in my house and I “back and forth it” (like the crisis cleaning) in the rooms that are next on the list, from the weekend prior. This weekend was kitchen, master bath, and master bedroom day and I almost got them all completely sparkling. I had wanted to get something done in the laundry room, but other than washing clothes, nothing else was accomplished there. Next weekend, I’ll finish up where I left off and head into the laundry room and living room. I always start with my kitchen and I always stop cleaning at 1:00-ish. Husband just sort of rolls his eyes, but hey! It works for me and my house is always presentable if someone just happens to show up unannounced and I since I stop at 1:00-ish I don't feel like I'm cleaning house all weekend long.

The lazy stitcher part isn’t that I didn’t stitch but that I didn’t feel like getting my scissor pocket out to stitch this weekend. Rather silly really considering 3 sides were already on the q-snap. I think it was mainly because I know I need to frog my name and I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. I’ll definitely be working on this week though, especially since one of the members of our SAL finished hers! The Token was sitting out ready to go on the chest next to my stitching chair and when I finally sat down from doing the housework I did, I just picked it up and stitched away. I am loving every stitch and am getting so excited to personalize it!

I’m trying to organize a no-host GTG for November. My not-so-LNS is having a 25% off sale the weekend after Thanksgiving. It’s not a really great time, but it’s so rare for this shop to have a sale. In fact, I can’t remember them ever having one! They have a ton of beautiful fibers and lots of beads. I’ll still be on my stash diet, so probably won’t be buying anything, unless there’s a tool I need, but it’ll be nice to see my friends. In my dream world I get to see them every month, but that’s rarely the reality.

Husband called me this morning to tell me his return trip has been pushed back a day. I’m sort of glad since I have my mid-term tonight and was not going to be home when he got here. I had already planned on leaving early on his original return date so I’ll just change it to leaving early tomorrow. I like having a nice home-cooked meal prepared for him when he’s been gone like this since I know he’s been living in a tent, usually sleeping on a hard cot (or on the ground) and eating MREs. He wants chili.

On the work front, the new employee we hired last week, who was supposed to start this morning, called in a quit already....because of health insurance, which we are trying to get. Bummer!
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