Saturday, October 28, 2006
Is there a future actor/comedian in the family?
Son and I went out to dinner a couple of nights ago and while there we got on the subject of his girlfriend. This is the first serious girlfriend he’s had in 3 years. In fact it’s the only girlfriend he’s had that he’s brought to the house for us to meet! They’ve been dating now since January or so. This time; however, I was more interested in hearing about her parents instead of hearing more about her.

Son has always been a bit vague about what her parents “do” but I nailed him down about it the other night. Now, I know why! He didn’t want us to know that he’s dating the daughter of an actor/comedian. This young lady has been to my house numerous times and I knew her last name, but I never put two and two together because, well, I just didn’t! I knew where she lived, and knew it was an upscale neighborhood, but still never made the connection. Maybe it’s because of where and how Son met her, but I never knew Son’s girlfriend is John DiResta’s daughter!
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