Thursday, November 02, 2006
It's one of those rambly kind of days
It’s one of those days that has me counting down the minutes to my surgery (43 more days). Don’t look at me or I might cry. And whatever you do, don’t ask me what’s wrong, or I’ll cry worse. I feel like my skin’s too tight for me and I’m so restless these days.

Husband’s Marine Corps ball is tonight. Guess who is NOT his date. He’s going with another guy...or rather two other guys. We had decided that we were not going this year, especially since it was supposed to be the day after he returned from being away. He got back 1 day early, and yesterday decided he was going. I’m upset about it, not because I wanted to go, but because he didn’t stand by what we had decided. And it’s at a casino, instead of the club on base, which I hate. That’s a double whammy since I cannot get him to go to a casino with me.

I haven’t stitched this week. Haven’t been in the mood, or rather not in the right mood.

Riding home on the train, in the dark, is weird! The lights inside the train are so bright you cannot see outside. Seeing outside is what I enjoy most about the ride. I love looking out at the ocean along the way. I frequently see porpoises and seals, not to mention the pelicandactyles :) and other varieties of birds. It’s the beginning of whale watching season here and someone on the train yesterday said he has seen them on the commute. I’ve got my nose pressed to the windows in the mornings now.

I need to change books. The one I’m reading is interesting but it takes concentrating on and I need some non-concentrating kind of reading right now.

I want comfort food for dinner, but I have no idea what I want. Greek sounds good, but it's in the opposite direction of home. Maybe Chinese? Ice cream. Definately, ice cream.
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