Wednesday, November 01, 2006
October's accomplishments and November's goals
Husband got home yesterday. I got to spend a couple of hours talking to him while he unloaded all his stuff, including a mountain of dirty laundry, pulled our Halloween decorations out, and got the pumpkins set up. Then I had to share him with trick or treaters. We had nowhere near the kids we had last year and I have half the candy left. Thankfully I bought stuff I don't like. Or I thought I did. I discovered gummy lifesafers. Yum! Sigh.

All in all I did very well for October. I even managed to take care of a few things not on my list :)

Finish QRR piece by Oct 21 - finished and delivered!
Continue working on Quaker Needlework Treasures - I finished the stitching portion of the needleroll
Finish Folk Art Hornbook - definate happy dance here!
List items on eBay for sale - no, but I have a good excuse! I have items listed in my sidebar and on a couple of BBs and they're selling from there. Why spend the listing fees now?

Finish QRR piece by Nov 22
Finish Haiku's head and work up to the flower
Continue working on The Token on weekends
Finish Red Desert Scissor Pocket
Start computer cataloging stash
Have a great Thanksgiving!
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