Tuesday, November 07, 2006
I'm a terrible American
I didn’t vote.

Because I live on a military installation we are not afforded the opportunity to go to a polling place and vote. We have to do so by absentee ballot. Now, that’s not why I didn’t vote, but I do somewhat feel like I’m being discriminated against because my husband chose a career that protects our rights, one of them being the ability to vote. Conundrum?

Anyway, I live in a state that I won’t always live in. There are issues here that I honestly could care less about because by the time those people take office, or those issues become laws, I will probably not be living here anymore. There have been times in the past that I’ve asked coworkers how they felt about issues and have given them my vote. But right now I don’t care enough about the political opinions of my current co-workers to give them that privilege.

There are also issues, like abortion, that don’t affect me personally nor do they affect my child, since I have a male, and he’s an adult. Do I care whether or not a parent is notified if their daughter is having an abortion? Should I care? See, male adult child mentality. Now should I think into the future about how this might affect a granddaughter that I don’t even know that I’ll have? My family is pretty heavy into having boys, as is Husband’s and Son has said many times he doesn’t want kids. Having said all that, how do I feel about abortion overall? My body, my decision.

Husband votes by absentee for Louisiana. We do somewhat discuss what’s going on there, but we don’t get to see all the lovely commercials or hear about the issues since we live so far away. What do have is just reading material and I haven’t figured out if that’s a good thing or not. I never tell Husband how he should vote, but because he is voting on issues that will affect us when he finally retires, I do tell him how I feel.
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