Wednesday, November 08, 2006
I demand that it be a good day!
Emotions are all over the place today! I have a seasick and claustrophobic thing going on today. Made for a wonderful train ride this morning, but....

I saw a whale!

Ran into a girl at the mall last night that goes to our new dog park and she has an IG too. She practically begged us to bring Bandit to play this weekend. She knows someone who runs rescue in our area so I'm probably going to take her up on it so I can find out more about this person. We really want to get Bandit a little sister for Christmas.

Today is Son's birthday. Girlfriend is visiting and we're all going out to dinner tonight. This will be our first "social" thing with her.

All I have for work today is paying bills and filing. Yeah! I hope it stays that way.

Autumn, thank you for the offer and we accept! I've already been to your blog and followed your link. We really need to get more involved with "our" state issues.
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