Friday, October 27, 2006
Thank you and TGIF
Wow! Thank you to all who have left book suggestions! Several of you have mentioned authors I have read, a long time ago, and I keep thinking “OMG! I’ve read her/him. Wonder why I stopped?” LOL And I’m impressed by the long lists a couple of you have! I’ll be making a trip to my local B&N to look at what you’re suggesting. I think I’m going to go the paperback route and afterward find the used bookstore so I can start trading them in. I may also join an audio book club, like Netflix and do the audio thing as well. Thank you Margie for reminding me of that option!

Michelle I accept your generous offer of sending me your Terry Goodkind's book. I’ll leave a comment on your blog so you can email for my mailing address.

The library we have is lacking in a great many things. It’s a city-run library and I have never been impressed with their selections. However, I’ve never checked out their audio section. I’ll be making a trip there as well to investigate one more time what they have to offer and I’m going to pin down someone to talk to me about the availability of getting books brought in from elsewhere.

I never got around to stitching last night. I was tired after going into work early yesterday morning and just vegged and watched CSI reruns until bedtime.

I am so glad it’s Friday! I have plans to go to the grocery store and pharmacy this weekend and that’s it. I intend to do that first thing in the morning though so I can spend the rest of the weekend piddling around the house and stitching. I want to tackle my laundry room. It’s been bothering me for some time now and I may spend some time off and on all weekend purging it and rearranging a little bit.

Since I haven’t stitched on my Red Desert Scissor Pocket this weekend, I intend to spend at least 2 hours on it this weekend so I can catch up. I’m sure that’s more than enough time to finish the stitching portion. Since Husband is due home on Wednesday I probably won’t get to the finishing portion until next weekend, but I had sort of intended doing that anyway since it’s easier for me to focus on stuff like that when I’m not tired, like I tend to be after work.

I have been reasonably calm about my surgery since I got the surgery date. I am one of those people who likes to have control of her environment and I’m wondering if the not knowing when was what was causing me to freak out so much. Oh, and to those who don’t know, I’m having a hysterectomy. Everything will be removed.

I started looking for a long-term temp yesterday to cover for me while I’m out. I suggested to boss that he contact his Step Daughter to come in and do payroll, accounts payable and client billing instead of hiring someone. She had this job before me, and I know she’s only working part time and could probably use the money, since she’s feeding a teenage boy! LOL Anyway, I’ve warned him that I will nag since he tends to put things off to the last minute and if someone is going to do payroll and client billing I’ll need to train them.

I’ve decided to keep my job at least until next May. The raise was substantial enough that I cannot see myself going anywhere else for the time being. I can deal with one or two things but a whole office full is way too much. One of them went away this past week.

Woohoo! Just got a call from Husband and he'll be home Monday instead of Wednesday :) Dang. This means I have to go buy candy for Tuesday night.
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