Friday, September 15, 2006
TGIF and Weekend Plans
I'm so happy it's Friday. We've been rather busy the past couple of days getting a class action mailing out and all day today all I've wanted to do is put my head on my desk and nap. I had an impossible time waking up this morning. I honestly think I would have called in for a sanity day today except: a) it's payday and b) the jury came back in our favor and I wanted to find out all the goodies.

Of course I also found out this morning that there was a party after the jury announcement and neither myself nor the two students were invited. Needless to say I'm very hurt about this and one of the students even told the paralegal to shut up when he continued to go on and on about what he ate, etc. at the party. This is just one more reason to add to my "find a new job for Christmas" list. I've been in a rather foul "work" mood today and sigh wistfully every time I hear the train go by.

I won't be heading north tomorrow so I'm planning on getting up with Husband, when he gets up to surf, and I'm going to shampoo my dining room. I'm also going to stitch and work in my room this weekend.
  1. Shampoo dining room
  2. Finish Dresser Drawer Heart
  3. finish organizing half-sized charts
  4. Organize magazines
  5. Start Quaker Needlework Treasures
The weather is cooling off and the quilting bug is nipping. I have been looking at my bookmarked quilt sites and have even added a couple of blogs to my blog. I adore miniature quilts and have been thinking of adding one into my stitching rotation. I'm going to try very hard to stay away from my quilting stuff this weekend so I don't get distracted. I know I have a couple of miniature quilt kits mixed in with my stitch stuff that needs to be organized though.
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