Friday, September 01, 2006
August Accomplishments - September Goals
I accomplished every single one of my August goals!

Work on Cari’s Quaker Round Robin Piece - being mailed out today
Stitch on Strawberry Garden - finished it
Work at least 30 minutes a week in my craft room - oh yeah, and then some
Put 10 stash things up for sale a week - put 30+ Silver Lining patterns up for sale (not quite 10 things a week)

For September I’d like to:

Finish Christmas Drawers
Start Quaker Needlework Treasures and work at least 10 hours on it
Finish Folk Art Hornbook
Work 30 minutes a week in my craft room
List items on eBay for sale

My next RR piece doesn’t have to be mailed out until the end of October so I’m thinking of putting off working on it until October.

Yesterday I received September’s Essy’s Friends and Blackbird Designs’ Garden of Life. Let me tell you the pictures of Garden of Life do not do the colors justice at all! They’re wonderful! I meant to bring the pattern to work with me today so I could post about the stitches. It looks like the bird is stitched over 1 except the wing is done with smyrnas over 2. I really need 2 of me!

Boss should be in this afternoon and I’m really hoping to be extra busy at work today so the day will go by quickly. I want the weekend to hurry up and get here so I can stitch, stitch, STITCH! Have a happy!
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