Sunday, September 03, 2006
Sunday stash sorting
I haven’t gotten as early a start on my room today as I did yesterday. I made a trip to the grocery store and to the exchange on the hunt for a carpet shampooer this morning and now it’s time to quit having fun and get back to laboring.

Last night I continued to look for Christmas Drawers until I went to bed. No luck. I think there’s an evil house elf or something in my house. I’ve also lost The Silver Lining Peace. It’s been missing for quite some time. I have the pattern and some of the fibers for it, though. I wish I were Catholic so St. Anthony could help.

Anyway here are a few progress photos of my room.

This is where “the stack” use to reside. Right now there are a couple of plastic magazine holders with designs to sell in them. I’ll be moving them over in a bit. The cardboard pieces you see I’m going to use a dividers while I sort my “stitch it” stash alphabetically by designer. I’ll move them into the wooden magazine holders when I get them all sorted. I have a p-touch label maker that is about to get a lot of use. The box is half full of magazines and some hard back books I'm selling. It's too heavy to keep moving!

The next picture is stack number 2 that was in front of my closet. That wild looking thing is my Mardi gras wreath that I had hanging year round on the wall over my futon. It was replaced with the small display shelves and the wreath is now residing in the hall waiting on February. The stitchy stuff that was in this stack is now combined with the other stack.

Stack 3 contains: my two rolling carts: 1) one on the left is my “office” stuff, since I don’t have drawers for my desk; 2) the one on the right is my “current WIPs” storage. The drawers slide out, which makes it very easy to just toss everything in there and then haul the drawer around. On top of the carts is my box of old school books and on top of that box is the box that contains my finished projects, then an almost empty plastic box with a little bit of fabric that needs to be put away, and then the basket that used to sit on my desk and be a catchall that needs to be sorted out.

And this is what “organization” currently looks like. As you see, I have a hard taskmaster that watches over my every move. He just knows there’s something to eat in all this stuff!

Today I’ll be sorting fibers and alphabetizing designs. The overdyed fibers like Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colors and GAST will go onto rings and will hang on hooks in the top part of this cabinet. That box lid is full of fibers that are mostly sorted. My plastic box of beads is there as well, and I need to decide where to keep it.

And if I don’t find my Christmas Drawers in a very short time, I’ll be figuring out what other WIP to replace it with and maybe stitching on my RR piece instead of waiting until next month. It would be an awful waste to not stitch on anything during this weekend.

I am a boob! Perhaps if I knew what I was looking for I could find it! I have lost Dresser Drawer Heart, not Christmas Drawers. I needs to get my 'drawers' in order!
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