Thursday, September 07, 2006
Stitching with the TV
Husband and I have decided to watch more TV. Shocking, since most people try to watch less. Before this season the only show we watched was 24. There are many nights when the TV wasn't even turned on or if it was it was to HGTV, Discovery, etc. Toward the end of last season I watched the last 3 shows of House and enjoyed it so made a point of watching the season premiere this week. Last night I watched Bones. I loved Boreanaz in Angel and was happy with his character but Bones was a bit of an ice-queen and I wasn’t impressed with her. But of course, I only have seen last night’s show. I tried to watch Justice afterwards but it was too over the top stupid to me, but I work in the legal field and do tend to compare what’s on TV to what it’s like in real life.

So, what’s on Thursday nights that anyone can recommend? I keep hearing Grey’s Anatomy is something that I might like, but if I start watching the repeats now will I “get it” when the new season starts?

Thank you for all your comments lately. It’s so fun to open my blog and see them all! I have been enjoying working on DDH and wonder why I don’t work on a Shepherd’s Bush design more often. Of course I do the same exact thing with all my other WIPs!

Adana, I have learned during my posting about my reorganization that there are a LOT of us out there. I equate it to asking the question that everyone else wants to ask, but are afraid to do so because they’re embarrassed. I have been so embarrassed by the state of my room that I keep the door closed and wouldn’t allow anyone to see in there. I have ADD and it was very overwhelming to get started, so I just packed it all up. Copy paper boxes are my friend! Even deciding where to start packing was hard for me, but I learned a long time ago to start on the left side of a room and work my way around. I’m a bit of a Flybaby, so I used my timer sometimes too!

I’m still a long way from being completely done, but now it’s not such a hard task to deal with because I have somewhat of a handle on it. Being able to walk in there has made a huge difference! I did have it indexed somewhat, but now that I’ve changed how I’m sorting them my index won’t do me much good. I was sorting them by type (sampler, fantasy, flag, etc), but have changed to alphabetical by designer. I have Organized Expressions and an Excel program (created by me) that I’m going to pick between. Believe it or not I think I only found 2 duplicates, but I have not finished sorting through all my half-sized charts and I’m sure there are a couple of duplicates there.

I also need to work on getting what I’m selling sorted to make it easier to list. I thought about waiting until the rest was finished, but I think I’m going to split my time in half now and work on both, because I have a ton of stuff (1 ½ copy paper boxes full).

For now, I’ll leave you with what I know off the top of my head that I have in my Shepherd’s Bush kits stash. I have more than this, but I cannot remember it all:

Cherry Heart
Mother's Heart
Shepherd's Spring
Snow Patch
Snowy Morn
Easter Egg Roll
Garden Roll
Bee Scissor Fob
Old Glory
In My Garden Scissor Fob
Cranberry Pinafore
The Promise
Water Woods
Roma's Garden
Sailor Collar
Millennium Sampler
Long May She Wave Roll
Tiny Flag
Fair Philomel’s Sampler
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