Thursday, June 01, 2006
June's Stitching Goals
How can it be June already? I cannot believe how fast this year is passing for me. I honestly cannot remember time going by this fast, ever.

My goals for May were simple, I thought:
  1. Finish & mail QRR Journal (finished the stitching but still need to put it together)
  2. Grid & mail my QRR (not quite. Will be hand delivered on the 10th)
  3. Finish Folkart Hornbook
  4. Stitch on The Token
  5. Stitch on Fairy Moon
  6. Stitch on Strawberry Garden (yep! a lot, but I didn't finish it)
  7. Take pictures! (bought a new camera and have take a couple of pictures)
  8. Spend 30 minutes each week working on my craftroom (didn't happen)

For June, let's keep it simple again:

  1. QRR piece
  2. Strawberry Garden
  3. At a minimum 30 minutes a week in my craftroom
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