Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Another notch in my belt,
a hashmark on the wall, a class crossed off my list!

I received word yesterday that my online legal research professor accepted the course work I turned in. I am ecstatic over this since the class was not going to be offered again until next March! So now I only have to make up for Contract Law, and 2 electives. I did find out there’s an elective, that I have not had, being taught this summer in the evenings, so based upon my conversation with Doctor on June 7 I may go ahead and take it. It will meet once a week, so I can still have somewhat of a life during the summer. Of course, I’ll miss the very first class since it’s during my trip to San Francisco, and wouldn’t you know that the professor for that class is the same professor that I cannot get to answer me on the courses I’m trying to challenge. {insert head bang here}.

Son continues to be a butthead. After sitting there saying, yes ma’am, yes sir, to us the other night he immediately turned around and has not been home at night like we told him too. I’m more unhappy with him now than I was the other day, since I tried to go to the bank to deposit my paycheck and was told that I could not get any cash back due to having an overdrawn account. I couldn’t even take my name off the account until it was brought up to zero balance. I was furious when I got home, and of course he never showed up.

Last night I finally took something to help me sleep. I did wake up a few times but had no problems getting right back to sleep and I didn’t have any bad dreams. Of course just as I was drifting off I remembered that I had forgotten to put on any laundry. This morning right after I talked to Husband about that, he told me he was out of shirts. I apologized and he made some comment about being glad that I didn’t lose any sleep over it. I countered with “if it’ll make you feel any better, the comment you just made will bother me the rest of the day.” We were both teasing each other and it’s so nice to see that happening again. I know he’s been worried about me and has been tippy toe-ing around afraid he’ll upset me and make me cry or something. What bothers me most is that I'm in some type of pain 24 hours a day and I'm getting used to it.

Tonight we’re going camera shopping. Woohoo! This time next week I’ll be on my way to see Tinkerbell.
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