Friday, May 19, 2006
Self-sufficient hobbiest ahead
I’ve decided I need to get back into framing. When we lived in Japan I took 2 really intense framing/matting courses through the Air Force and knew I’d found another niche. I matted and framed to my heart’s content and even had people asking me how much would I charge them to do work for them. I wasn’t working at the time so I spent a good deal of time at the frame shop working on prints for our home, Husband’s promotion warrants and some cross-stitch items.

Then we moved and I lost access to the machinery required to have fun. I’ve had a couple of stitchers frame things for me, but have sadly not been impressed with their work or their communication skills. Sad, isn’t that. You’d think being stitchers they’d understand how another stitcher would feel about the quality of their framing or the fact that telling me over and over something is in the mail but isn’t....but I digress (and I didn't meant to vent).

I’ve noticed my stitching obsession has waned a bit and I suspect the fact that my finished pieces dwell in a drawer instead of on my wall has something to do with that.

Husband has been asking me for about a year now how much space I thought I’d need in the garage to set up a framing area. I think I need a lot considering I’d need a space to cut frame molding and a place to set up a mat cutter. I’ve decided to start small though and instead of purchasing frame molding I’m going to order my frames and then just cut whatever mats I need and have the glass cut elsewhere. Of course the first few pieces I want to frame do not need mats so I can purchase equipment as needed and still get some framing done.

I sat down last night and figured out that financially it would cost me about how much it cost to frame Spring Queen to get myself set up with a decent mat cutter, point driver and tape gun and order the first frame I need for my current WIP. So, I ordered a free sample last night of the frame I’m thinking of using on Strawberry Garden. Once it gets here I’ll probably order a few more free samples to build up a sample stash, which Husband is going to help me store in the garage (he doesn’t know this yet, though...Surprise!!!). I have my old stash cabinets in a storage facility and I think I could probably bring one of those back to the house to keep in the garage to hold framing supplies.

I’m still on the hunt for a digital camera. I did find one I liked but they were sold out. I was told they had a hard time keeping them in stock, so it makes me feel good that I’m after a popular camera. I figure the amount of money I’m investing in this one I might as well get a good one. The last digital camera I bought was about 5 years ago and it works as great today as it did then, it’s just H.U.G.E. and doesn’t hold very many pictures. Because it’s so large I don’t tend to take it with me very often and I find myself wishing I had a camera often. The new one will be tiny and will easily fit in my purse or back pocket and I can get a card that will hold hundreds of photos. But you all know that already.

I had my facial and massage last night. It’s a shame it was so late in the evening because after she got through with me I could have just stayed there for another hour. The music she played was wonderful (always is) and the conversation, when she’d let me talk, was great. My face feels unbelievably soft this morning. It was my first massage, and I really didn’t know what to expect. She had to explain everything to me but I’m sold. I’ve decided this is something I need to do for myself every 3 or 4 months.

Tonight I have a nail appointment there and I’m going to book Husband an appoint to have a facial and massage and me a massage/pedicure as a pre-anniversary trip treat for the 2 of us. I’m also going to make reservations at a restaurant that’s nearby for afterwards. I figure we’ll have an anniversary week, instead of day. You’re only married for 25 years once, after all.

Another no plans weekend coming up. Maybe there will be lots of stitching. I’ve received a couple of coupons in the mail for places we shop and we may head out tomorrow for some shopping. Tonight we’re having fresh pulled pork tamales for dinner. Yum!
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