Friday, May 12, 2006
Happy Mother's Day Part 2
Son called me this morning and asked if he could come home. He said he had tried to call Husband first but got no answer and didn't want to just show up without asking us first. I told him that we could not treat this like nothing had happened and that the 3 of us still have issues to work out and then asked him to come home. Of course, as soon as I hung up the phone I called Husband and told him Son had been trying to call him. I've emailed Husband twice to find out if he called Son and what happened and he's not answering. Jerk. I am not getting excited about anything because I suspect before this is over I'll be posting a HMD parts 2-whatever, much like the Rambo episodes.

I also received a phone call from Dr. #2 and he wanted to talk about my test results. He wants to try drug therapy before any surgery, so I'll be waiting 3-4 months before having surgery. It's a definate that surgery will happen though if drug therapy doesn't work. The bad part of that is that's when Fall term will be starting up and I'll be even further behind in school. Oh, and he'll be repeating the biopsy (ouch) so I'll be taking off work a couple of days for that (ouch). I guess I'll be buying myself a heating pad for mother's day.

I think I want a drink.
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