Tuesday, May 30, 2006
The toy doctor is in!
The stuffed toy clinic was in full swing this weekend. And let me tell you it’s a chore stitching those things back up with me tugging the needle at one end and Bandit trying to pull it out of my hand at the other. It was cute though because I saved his favorite toy for last and he sat there and whined while I was stitching it up. I also had to add to the stuffing and he kept swiping the stuffing bag out of my lap to divert my attention and try to steal his “bee.” He slept with it last night. The weather is warm enough for us to let him play in the hose so we bathed him in the backyard yesterday and then let him chase the water hose for about 15 minutes. He wears us out before he gets tired! No he's not spoiled, why do you ask?

We went to see Over the Hedge and Xmen this weekend. Enjoyed them both. Stay for the end credits on Xmen...We’re going back to see it again. We also watched Munich and Into the Blue and I watched the first 2 disks of West Wing Season 2 over the weekend.

Husband surfed a couple of times over his 4 days off. I got to sleep late some. I didn’t do as much laundry as I’d thought I would, but I did get some grocery shopping done. Amazing that I saved about $20 by going by myself! I didn't stitch at all!

We grilled twice and had lots of leftovers. Yum!

We hit Macy’s one day sale yesterday. I had a coupon for an additional 15% off if I used my card so we made a killing and bought Husband 2 pairs of shoes, 2 dress shirts, 2 ties and some socks. He’s going to look so handsome! I think we’re going to dress up and go out to dinner in a couple of weeks, just for fun!

It’s Tuesday and I’m blah that I’m back to work. I felt great all weekend, but don’t feel so hot this morning. I think it’s just a timing thing though because I know I didn’t overdo it this weekend. We really didn’t “do” anything. Now I can start counting the days to our trip up north :)
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