Thursday, May 25, 2006
Red Parts, Goya and Pulled Pork
The Disneyland trip didn’t happen. Husband and I decided we didn’t want to go because Pirates of the Carribean and Blue Bayou were shut down for renovations. They’re redoing the ride to bring it up to date with the movies. Plus they’re removing the real bones! Can I get an ‘ewww?’

Instead we took advantage of a beautiful day, put the top down on the car and drove down into San Diego. Husband surfed first so we didn’t leave until around 11 and decided to hit up Hard Rock Café for a pulled-pork sandwich before going to Balboa to spend a couple of hours with Henry Raeburn, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Francisco de Goya. I am now in love with a very handsome matador by the name of Pedro Romero. There was also an exhibit of American Ceramics from 1884-1972 many of which I’d love to have on display in my home.

On the way back we drove the Pacific Coast Highway so Husband could wave gaze to see where he wanted to surf this morning. He’s so into it and I enjoy his enthusiasm.

We’re both a bit sunburned. Husband is worse since he spent the morning surfing. Today we’re both confused about what day of the week it is and I’m bummed that I have to work 2 days before I get a nice long weekend! The nice thing about the rest of the work week is that I have everything caught up, except payroll, which is due tomorrow, and all I need to do is some filing.

Oh, and I figured out last night why I don’t watch American Idol. I’m not into humiliation. I happened to turn on the news last night just in time for them to announce who won. Knowing the program had not been shown I tuned in to watch because I know they always bring back the final however many singers and I had heard some big names would be performing. What I saw was poor Michael whatever his last name was being given some award for impersonating Clay Aiken. I was really upset by the audition piece they showed and reeeeally got upset when he came out, started to sing, and Clay Aiken came out. You could really see he was overwhelmed by actually getting to see him. Hero worship is a strong thing and I just felt so bad by the way he had been treated. But I understand that is Simon what’s-his-name’s M.O. I’m so glad there’s “good” TV on and this is not all there is.

Happy Thursday!
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