Monday, May 15, 2006
I had a great Mother's Day weekend
Starting with Friday evening. After giving me a gift box of fragrance and lotion of Night Obsession, Husband took me out to dinner at a local seafood place which is in the harbor across from where we live. Their “catch of the day” is always a full, 2-column page long and the choices are very tempting and hard to make. I ended up having 2 different types of shrimp. Yum.

Saturday morning was spent doing a little bit of this and that housework and laundry until Melissa came over to stitch for the afternoon. It’s always fun sitting and stitching with her since we talk about everything - and sometimes everyone - under the sun. We even had a makeup party and she left my house and immediately went out and spent....I think I’ll let her tell you if she wants to share! LOL I stitched on Blackbird Design’s Strawberry Garden. After she left I fixed a light supper and then I started watching the 1st season of West Wing. I am, so far, in love with this show.

Sunday Husband went surfing and I lazed about the house in my nightgown stitching and continuing with West Wing until he got home around 10:00, then got ready to go grocery shopping. We decided to grill steaks. I made a quick trip to my office to pick up a chair and table we were getting rid of and once home I made some potato salad to go with the steaks. I had leftovers for lunch today. When I wasn’t up doing something around the house or doing the grocery or furniture thing, I stitched and watched West Wing. I finished the first disk and already have the 2nd disk on the to me.

Son was in and out most of the weekend with his girlfriend and we finally made him sit down with us last night and told him what we expected from him in the future. He told us that he wants to start back to school, starting with the summer term, taking 1 class. He wants to go back full-time in the fall and work evenings somewhere. He said he had already told his current employer that he was just looking for a job through the summer since he went to school. I know the college bookstore contacted him and asked him to work a couple of days this week too, so we know he has money coming in to take care of the financial obligations he’s let slide. We also told him a few other things we expected him to accomplish in the next 2 weeks, no exceptions. These will determine whether or not he’ll be continuing to live with us and go to school, or he’ll be moving out on his own. Time will tell.

I’m slowly cutting back the amount of time I spend on the computer again and you can tell in the amount of stitching I got done this weekend.

I had a really bad night last night. Husband even woke me up because I was having a very awful, noisy nightmare fighting demons in my sleep. I was exhausted this morning, but it’s only 4 more days to another weekend.

Tonight is the next to last episode of 24 and I’m looking forward to stitching more on Strawberry Garden while it’s on. I’m hoping to buy a new digital camera on Wednesday to take on our trip to Disneyland next Wednesday. We’ve also started looking at hotel reservations for San Francisco next month :)
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