Monday, June 12, 2006
I need to get busy stitching
There are so many things in my stash and in the stitching world I want to stitch. Every day I could add something to my list. I've been thinking of revamping my StRIP list. I haven't stuck with it very much this year. Okay, I haven't stuck with it at all. I think because it's H.U.G.E. and a bit overwhelming - the stitching and the list itself! So I've been thinking of making a small StRIP list to use for the rest of the year. I'll have to think on it some more and maybe pitch a couple of tries.

It’s been a slow day and I’ve been surfing the ‘net. Not to buy, just reading things about samplers. I do this every now and then to help motivate me to stitch. I really don’t need any motivation right now, since I’m stitching in a Quaker Round Robin. I am having fun using the Ackworth Book and a couple of samplers to choose motifs from. However, I’ve been antique sampler “window” shopping at The Scarlet Letter today. Instead of providing motivation, it’s made me feel inadequate! LOL Look at this sampler. It’s by a 12 year old. I’m nearly 4 times her age and have never stitched anything remotely as detailed as this. Sigh.

I had a nice time at the GTG this past Saturday. Our hostess made this incredible oriental chicken salad I’m dying to make again. Very little stitching went on (as usual) but there was a hole lot of talking and show and tell.

Sunday was spent stitching and watching TV and playing with Bandit. It was a real lazy kind of day and I could use a whole bunch more of them!

One more week until my vacation.
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