Friday, May 05, 2006
It's Friday!

No plans at all. Of course that means one thing after another will probably come up and we'll be extremely busy all weekend.

Bandit survived his dental appointment. He was still sort of drugged when I picked him up, and obviously in pain. And he smelled horrible from wetting himself. I gave him a washcloth bath when I got him home and bundled him up to sit next to me. He couldn't eat or drink until he'd been home for 2 hours so we were both hungry by the time Husband got home. He quivered and whined all evening until time to go to bed and stuck right next to me in the chair. Husband picked him up some soft canned food to eat last night and this morning, but he'll be back on his regular diet starting tonight. He finally wagged his tail this morning. He had to have his lower 2 front teeth pulled because they were so loose. An unfortunate greyhound trait. He's on painkillers for the next couple of days. They gave us some plaque preventative to put on him once a week so he doesn't have to brush his teeth everyday.

Still no news from the hospital so Husband should be going over there this afternoon. He's surfing this morning and left rather early so I didn't get a chance to talk to him before I left for work.

I have a lot of physical stuff to do at work today, so I'm expect to be one tired puppy when 4:30 rolls around. I'm trying to re-do the filing system here and rearrange our conference room. It's one of those days when I wished jeans were allowed on Fridays!

Happy weekend!
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