Thursday, May 04, 2006
Dis, Dat, Dother
I am angry. I called the hospital yesterday to find out my test results only to find out the doctor who ordered the results is no longer working there and no one who is there knows anything nor could I get anyone to call me back. Husband is angry as well and will be hunting down the Master Chief on Friday to find out what the frell is going on and to demand that my test results be pulled while he’s waiting there and to have them forwarded to the two doctors I saw week before last.

What was supposed to be an hour wait and a $125 service fee turned into a 3 hour wait and a $475 bill at the car dealership yesterday. This would normally not have bothered me much except I had plans to go somewhere else and had to cancel, plus Bandit had a dental appointment today that cost me $400+ and I just didn’t want to be spending my whole paycheck on 2 items like that.

Poor Bandit baby had to have 2 teeth pulled (up front little canines that were loose). I won’t get to see him until late this afternoon when I get to pick him up from the vet. I’ve been a nervous wreck all morning worried that something horrible would go wrong. My stomach is paying for it. Much fussing over and babying will be happening tonight while Husband is in class.

Son is starting a new job today working for a moving company. Many crossed fingers needed here. We’re starting to cut him off. Husband is about to tell him that he has until the 15th of next month to make arrangements to have his own phone, that we’re removing him from our service. I have very little faith in his ability to do anything about it based on his past irresponsible behavior. I’m currently signed on his checking account so we could transfer money to pay for his gas and college expenses, but since we stopped doing that when he dropped out, he’s continually in the overdrawn status at the bank and I’m worried it will affect my credit. So I’m going to tell him that on the 15th of next month I will be removing my name from his account and he’ll be 100% financially responsible for whatever is going on at the bank.

We’re in May Gray here and it so reflects my mental state right now.
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