Tuesday, May 02, 2006
I'm a stress stash shopper
and eater.

I was taking a mental inventory last night of what my stash looks like compared to when I started my STRIP list at the begging of the year. Husband found me passed out on the floor from the results (just kidding....sort of). I looked at when things were purchased and what was going on and realized that I stash shop when I’m stressed. I really could stop shopping and become a kept woman. Honest!

As to the eating, that’s pretty much a new revelation to me too, but I’ve managed to pretty much keep that under control. My weight loss effort has been slow, but steady, until the past week. Doctor told me that some of the drugs would probably cause weight increase. I was doing well with that until a couple of days ago when I had a small relapse that stressed me out and I found myself foraging in the kitchen. Sigh.

Tomorrow is an off-work day for me. Other than taking my car in to be serviced in the morning, and making a phone call to find out about last week’s test results, I have nothing else planned and am hoping to stitch a lot while watching a movie or two that I’ve seen a thousand times.

I finished stitched the front cover of my stitching journal last night and am fairly pleased with it. Now on to the back cover.
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