Tuesday, March 14, 2006
When our children disappoint us
I don’t think I’m mad, but I am disappointed in Son. He informed us yesterday that he has dropped out of college. He has made some irresponsible decisions in the past that has caused him to pay some legal fees and the fact that he owes this money is more important to him now than going to college. He’s able to work 40 hours a week if he’s not taking classes and Husband and I both feel he’ll never return to school.

Husband told him that he’s now 100% responsible for his own car insurance, gas and phone bill. I don’t know what’s going to happen as far as living arrangements because we haven’t had a chance to sit down and discuss it. He still has his military ID card, so he’s covered as far as medical goes until it expires, whenever that is.

Part of me is glad he did it when he did, though, since next week is the cutoff for withdraw/fail grades, so at least he won’t have “WF” to drag his GPA down further. He made the comment to me that the last thing he needs is for his GPA to fall any further, so he was thinking about that.

I am glad that he’s concerned about paying his debts. He owes Husband quite a bit of money and I’m wondering if that is bothering him too, since he hasn’t made any effort to date to pay Husband back. Husband did say last night that he will make sure Son starts to pay him since he’ll be working full time.

Now the mom in me is kicking in worrying about what’s going to happen in the future for Son. There’s no way he can afford to live here on his own making what he’s making and the chances of him making more is slim without a college degree. Husband said he told Son that we would be moving away in 2 years (new to me!) and he needs to think about what’s going to happen then.

I don’t want to move far away from my only child! I’ve always known there was a possibility, but somehow this makes it more real!

I spent the evening worrying about all of the above while watching 24 and stitching on The Token. I didn’t sleep worth a flip and hit the snooze button 3 times this morning. I rarely hit it once - so I didn’t have time to play with Bandit this morning before I left, and now I feel bad about that.

I received an email from the fairgrounds this morning telling me it’s time to start registering! Eeeek!

Stressers....get away from me!
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