Monday, March 13, 2006
Neither rain, nor hail......
I cannot believe the weather we had this past weekend! Sunshine, hail, rain, thunder. The thunder is rare enough, but the hail! Yikes! I’m used to hail the size of quarters, but I’ve never seen it hail here. It was small; maybe the size of a nailbed, but it was heavy!

Sister Lisa was there when I got home Friday. She was by herself, since her husband had to stay behind. Things were passed on at her Dr’s appointment which prevented her from staying the whole weekend with me. I really hate that since she’s moving to Texas on April 1 and I was looking forward to spending all day Sunday with her.

I had a nice stitch and bitch on Saturday. It started with Lisa, Melissa and I going to Michaels and my finding perfect paper for my Quaker round robin journal, which I’m making. Melissa found stuffed Peeps and it was so hard to not buy one for Bandit. Lisa found stickers for her scrap booking.

After that Jill and Luke showed up and Jill pulled out her beautiful christening gown. It is so beautiful and you can tell she’s been a stitching fool!

Veronica showed up about an hour later and pulled out a beautiful model she’s working on. I love the colors. The 3 of them settled to stitch. I did manage a few stitches on The Token, but I was having a hard time concentrating on my counting while we were talking, so I set it aside. The 4 of us are cooking something up...and that’s all I have to say about that.

Next month’s stitch and bitch will be in Vegas, baby! Woohoo!

After everyone left on Saturday and Husband and I had leftovers, I stitched for 2 hours on The Token. I was supposed to put it away and stitch on something else Sunday, but I didn’t. I really enjoy working on it and am looking forward to working on a similar type design when I finish.

Husband a I talked about the fair last night. He’s considering entering some of his miniature models. He’s kind of like me that when he saw what was entered and what won, his work is far superior to it but it never occurred to him to enter any contests with it. He’s been doing this for years and bias aside, he’s really quite good. He’s patient and tenacious and if something doesn’t look just right he does it over.

I’m thinking of entering The Token. I know I said Toccata 2, but I’m just not in the mood to start a new design and work exclusively on it until fair entry time. Plus I really love The Token. My way of thinking is that I love working on this design so it contains a little of my heart and soul. What better piece to enter than a part of me, right? Okay, it’s corney, but that’s that.
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