Wednesday, March 08, 2006
This is the entry with no clever title.....
I've been working on my office in the evening instead of stitching. I have my design and fabric picked out for by SBBB exchange and I know it won't take long to create my item. I also have a design floating around in my head that I need to get down on paper and stitch. It's reflective of my state-of-mind lately - living simply and minding my own business.

I have class tonight and tomorrow night and company coming Friday night (for the weekend) and stitchers coming for Saturday, so don't expect a whole lot of down time until Saturday afternoon. I'm really looking forward to some quality stitching and bitching.

I have my 6 cases to be briefed for Contract Law and now I just need to sit down and start reading and writing. Mid-terms are in 2 weeks and I'm not ready!!! Warning, warning! Cram time ahead!

The weather is dreary here and rain is in the forecast. We need it, but I hate driving on the freeways since I'm the only one around here that knows how to drive in the rain.

Husband wants us to start looking for a house this coming Fall. He's talking New Orleans.
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