Saturday, March 18, 2006
Time for a stash report!
I've been doing rather well in my attempt to not pay full price for stash this year. I did buy some things at regular price from Market, but not everything on my list. I knew some things would be limited so I purchased them and have been buying others when they're on sale. This past week, I've received off my wish list:

Marjorie Massey - l'abécédaire de Flore (I've been looking for the name of this chart forever and a sweet lady from Belgium helped me purchase it).
Shepherd's Bush Dreamer's Tapestry - OOP
Historic Needlework Guild (Tricia W. Nguyen) - Seasonal Pins One
Carriage House Samplings - Tavern Signs Too
Remember the Ladies (With My Needle) - Abigail's Wisdom
Historic Needlework Guild - Seasonal Pins Two
Claire Hatten - ABC Basket Pincushion
Claire Hatten - Royal Blue Basket Pincushion
4 My Boys - Sisters... Friends
Historic Needlework Guild - Christmas In The Colonies
Shepherd's Bush - Tiny Flag (reg $18)
Bent Creek - Patriotic Santa Zipper Kit (reg $20)
Shepherd's Bush - Patriotic Snowman (reg $30)
Remember The Ladies (Amy Law) - Betsy Ross (reg $15)

The last 4 items cover my patriotic "fetish" and I got them all for a steal in a single eBay auction for only $33.

The first chart is the only one of the above that I paid full price for.
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