Saturday, February 04, 2006
New toys for the kitchen
My crock-pot is not heating like it used to so I set out to purchase a new slow cooker.  Not only did I come home with one that works as a slow cooker, but I can use it on the stove as well.  Yay!  

We also looked at top quality knives since we’re still using the ones we got when we first got married, almost 25 years ago!  They’re falling apart though and I’ve thrown a couple of them away because they became safety hazards.  I am determined to purchase knives individually based on what we use, instead of buying a block full.  I ended up not purchasing any for two reasons:  1) the young lady helping us kept calling me “hun” and it irritated the hell out of me; and 2) they were out of the one I was interested in and she wouldn’t let me hold the display model because she was worried the other knives would fall off the magnetic holder on the wall; 3) she kept calling me hun; and 4) when I started walking away she offered to sell me the display at 10% off.  Okay, that was more than 2 reasons.  Oh, and did I mention she kept calling me hun!  When I checked out I mentioned to the cashier that it bothered me (he was there for some of the hun’ing).

The unexpected purchase though was something I’m very excited about and have been wanting for quite some time.

Husband and I have been talking of purchasing a single-cup coffee brewer for some time.  The pods are available in many flavors at our commissary, which is a good thing since we both have such different tastes at times.   I did some research online and was set on purchasing a Bunn since that’s what my regular coffee maker is, but we ended up purchased a Tassimo instead.  There was a woman and little girl purchasing pods at the store and she sold us on the machine.  She travels to Italy every other month for her business (poor her!) and she is convinced the cappuccino from her Tassimo is as good as what she drinks in Italy.  So I’m sitting here sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea while husband is enjoying his cappuccino.

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