Thursday, January 26, 2006
It's almost Friday!
Today is payroll day for me. I haven’t worked up payroll in more than 10 years and I’m very thankful I don’t have as many people to worry about now as I did then! LOL

The rules are simple, get your time sheet to me by close of business the day before I call payroll in. Last call in day the person who has been here forever didn’t. Today I see that the new person didn’t. Sigh. New person won’t be back to work until tomorrow and payroll is to be called in today. Do I be a hard-nose and not hunt down his time? If I did, he probably wouldn’t forget again. I haven’t had my coffee yet, so perhaps I should put off this decision for a bit.

Class went by so fast last night. The instructor is coming from almost as far away as I am and I’ve shared my directions with her. I really like her (she’s the intellectual property attorney that teaches) and I know I’m going to enjoy this class because of her, even though my brain is spinning over all the trademark stuff we’ve been going over.

I’m really looking forward to getting into the copyright issues, considering all the broo-ha-ha it generates in the stitching world.

I feel totally unprepared for tonight’s class. There is so much reading!!!! I could not get it all done last night and that’s a lesson learned. No matter what get my Contracts reading done on the weekend!


Okay I never got this posted and I now have payroll done. New Person did do his time sheet he just put in the wrong place. Fortunately for him Boss saw him doing it last night and so we all looked for it. I’ll have to remind him (again) where my inbox is.
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