Monday, January 23, 2006
Where did the weekend go?
I went to bed early last night. Something I had for lunch yesterday did NOT agree with me and instead of getting better as the day went on I felt worse. I’m tired this morning, because I didn’t sleep soundly last night.

Sis and family left bright and early this morning for their “I want to have a baby” appointment. It was chaos while all 6 of us where trying to get ready to go! Sis is feeling (and looking) stressed out since they’re running out of time. Her husband will be getting out of the Marine Corps in March and that will end their medical benefits. There’s no way they can afford to pay for IVF right now and they feel because of her age it’s now or never. Other Sis has said that she’d be a surrogate for them, but now she’s pg with her own baby and that puts an end to that thought for now. My cousin’s step-daughter is pregnant and is giving the baby up and so we’re all talking about adoption. Sigh.

Nephew was hacking and coughing this morning so I sent him out the door with my cough drops and Robitussin since he cannot go into the clinic if he’s coughing, and I know he wasn’t going to want to sit in the car for 4 hours or so! I almost suggested they leave him at the house and drive back up and get him, but I know that would have made for an extra long day for Sis.

I didn’t get any homework done this weekend, but that will happen tonight and tomorrow night. Just too much activity, noise and disruption. I did stitch though!

I tried to work on my exchange piece but I couldn’t concentrate so I went back to stitching on The Token. I’m working my way down the left side and have reached the bottom where I’ll be stitching my “signature.” I’ve decided to stitch across the bottom: Wrought by Terri LastName, in the year 2006, while in the company of Bandit, Melissa LastName, Jill LastName (and any other people I happen to be in the company of while I’m stitching on this piece). I’ll also be placing little bones by Bandit’s name, and hearts between the names of the others. There’s a medallion that has Token of Love that I’m thinking of re-charting to Token of Friendship. We’ll see.
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