Tuesday, January 24, 2006
I hate it when it's my fault
I knew I should have put those audio tapes in my car last week!

Traffic was horrid this morning. There was an accident at the exit that’s right before the exit I need to get off the freeway. This backed traffic up almost all the way to where I get ON the freeway. It took me 1 hr 20 min to get to work this morning! That's 29 miles!

Mom, who I call every morning on the way to work, was in a car with a friend, on her way to New Orleans to attend a nursing school graduation, so she wasn’t able to talk very long. I had just left Husband and so when I called him at work, he sympathized for about 5 minutes, and then had to go.

It was a very boring drive with just Public Radio keeping me company. My fault! I have 3 unabridged audio books sitting on my desk that I’ve been meaning to put in my car. The first thing I did when I got to work this morning was to make myself a reminder to do it. They’re on loan to me by someone Husband works with since he also has a 1hr+ commute every morning.

I managed to get all my homework for tomorrow night’s class done and stitched during 24 last night. Felt great!

Today I’m expecting to be by myself all afternoon so I brought in my Business Law book to read since I know I’m going to have everything done by lunch today. Maybe I’ll get to stitch again tonight!
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