Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Time flies when you're having fun
Thanks for the comments yesterday. Sue, I normally do listen to KPBS. I love NPR, but after hearing basically the same thing 3 times, I’d had enough! LOL Traffic was perfect coming in today. As perfect as it can be, anyway.

I finally received a complete chart of Marquoir de Justine yesterday. From France! The place I ordered from here in the U.S. says they shipped the package on the 19th. I’m waiting. Their version is recharted into a booklet. The one from France is one very large chart, and the “history” is all in French. I will be selling one of them.

While this has been a very aggravating enhancement experience for me, there has been one bright white cloud. There was a stitcher who read my trials and tribulations of this on the Legacy BB and she offered to lend me her chart. It arrived this past Saturday. I find it extraordinary that someone who doesn’t know me other than seeing me post on a BB would offer to lend me something that has, up to this point, been very hard to come by. I could maybe understand it easier if she were someone who I had seen post a lot, or had conversed on the BB with or even by email, but I didn’t know her. Just one more prime example that the majority of stitchers are as a whole a great bunch of people.

I cannot believe it’s Wednesday already! The weeks are flying by. I was expecting time to crawl, working full time, but it’s not. I do still miss my morning stitching and studying time, but so far things are going great in both departments.

I managed to read at work yesterday afternoon for about an hour. I have time after class tonight to finish up (since it’s for tomorrow’s class). I didn’t stitch last night. I don’t know why, I just didn’t.

I have great plans for the weekend. Get my nails done and get my car detailed. Now, doesn’t that sound exciting??? My car is embarrassing dirty and while Husband and I both keep saying we’re going to wash our cars, Monday morning has been rolling around and our cars are still dirty. So I’m going to head out before my nail appt and get my car done before the day gets away from me. The rest of the weekend will be spent stitching, reading and maybe going to the movies. 2 more days till the weekend and only 15 more classes till term ends.
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