Saturday, January 28, 2006
I'm having a bad day
And it’s not even noon!

I broke a nail first thing this morning.  No big deal, since I had a nail appointment at 10:00.

I went to get in my car, and nothing.  The bumble-z is barely breathing.  Husband comes out and tries some CPR, no good.  So now my poor bumble-z is in ICU and waiting on a heart transplant.

Okay, get in Husband’s car to make the nail appointment, driving like a crazy woman to get there as close to 10 as I can, and their closed!  Locked up tight with no lights on.  There’s a sign saying they’re going to be closed on Sunday, but it’s 10:05 on Saturday and no one is home.

I call; leave a message that I’m there, but getting a cup of coffee down the street.

20 minutes later, still no nail people.

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten them put back on!

I do NOT need car troubles right now (well, never really).  Husband is leaving town before the birds start singing on Monday morning and I do NOT want to drive a stick back and forth while he’s gone!

I had all these plans for today!  Get my tires replaced; detail my car; go to the movies; get some errands done.  Crap!
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