Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Nothing makes you feel more welcome on a new job
than having your own business cards waiting on you when you get there.

It took me 25 minutes to get to work and an hour to get home.  I’m sure it will take me longer to get to work today, since I have to be there earlier.

I forgot to see what time it was when I got to the turnoff I’ll be taking when school starts.  I’m going to drive over there one night this week so see how long it’ll take me.  I need to pick up my parking pass and figure this would be a great time to do a dry run.  I’ve already convinced myself I’m going to be late for class, but being late is a pet peeve of mine and I know it’ll stress me out if that’s going to be the case.

There’s more to the job, than what I found out in the interview, but nothing that has scared me off, yet.  There is a LOT more responsibility than I expected, based on the interview, but I know I can handle it.  I’m already thinking of changes that need to be made to make certain things run more to my liking.  I was told it’s my office to manage and to do it the way I want it done.  Power!  LOL  

I did find out that I get paid vacation and sick leave and paid Court holidays.  It was not even discussed during the interview and since I wasn’t used to being paid for any days I took off, I guess it never occurred to ask about it when he called to offer me the job.  I mentioned that I might have to take off a day next month for Husband’s eye surgery and that I was thinking of taking a day off in April to go to Vegas.  Boss says he has no problem with my taking off as long as he gets plenty of notice (if possible).

I was beat and starving when I got home last night.  Husband had the soup ready to eat though and that was a welcome sight.  Too pooped to stitch though :(
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