Saturday, December 31, 2005
2006 Stitching Delusions

Yep, that’s right. Delusions. Every year I post my goals. Goals that I know I have no way of possibly meeting with the obligations in my life, but I post them nonetheless. This year, I’m just going to outright post that I’m delusional, but optimistic!

I started thinking about my delusions the weekend before Christmas and have decided that I really only have a few “goals” for 2006.

Stitch at least 365 hours next year! – this is entirely possible. I did it in 2005 even with major dry spells!

Clear out some WIPs!
As of today I have the following that have stitching in them:

PV - July Quilt for all Seasons
TW – Peacock Tapestry
SB – Christmas Drawers
TW – Castle Sampler
O&I – Asian Garden
TSL – Peace
TW – Christmas Wreath
TW – Topiary Trees
TW – Tapestry Cat
Mira – Sleeping Beauty
Mira – Lady of the Flag
Mira – Christmas Elegance
Dimples – Haiku
MLI – Earthdancer
Mira – Garden Verses
TW – Fortunate Traveler
Serendipity – Harmony
Mira – Fairy Moon
Tsunami Sampler
Linda Driskell’s Treasure Box
LDS – The Token
HAED – Letting Go QS
TST – Antique Elegance

I think they’re in the order that I’ve started them. I’ve almost convinced myself that I can finish:

PV - July Quilt for all Seasons
SB – Christmas Drawers
TW – Castle Sampler
TSL – Peace
Dimples – Haiku
Mira – Garden Verses
Mira – Fairy Moon
TST – Antique Elegance

This will of course depend on homework and then there are the other designers I’ve fallen in love with in 2005 that aren’t even represented on that long WIP list whose designs I want to start too! AND I want a sampler wall, so plan on seeing some samplers in my future rotation. It’s going to be a long year!!!! I hope.

I have my spreadsheet all ready. I do still want to reduce my stash but I also want to venture in other stitching directions. I made some changes in the way I’m tracking things I have that aren’t started and it will randomly pick the things I still want to stitch in on of my 5 stitching lifetimes!

I’m happy with the projects in my rotation. I’m back up to 6 projects and one exchange piece. I’m still trying to decide if I want to continue stitching on something until I’m tired of it, or go back to changing every 10 hours and maybe reducing the number of WIPs in my rotation so I see them more often. This will depend on my time after work and school starts.

I’ll be starting over on The Token on January 14 and using a more solid color of silk in a cranberry/wine color. Fortunately my fabric was cut large enough that I can just flip it and not have to worry about wasting. I’ll pick the other fiber out bit by bit.

I’m also waiting on some silk samples from Vikki Clayton to decide what color to stitch my French Alphabet Sampler in. Husband really liked this design and I’m determined to start it this year and make a lot of progress on it.

Frame my finished pieces!

Since returning to the US I will finally have the money to frame my stitching! I want to frame 1 thing a month. A coworker recommended a framer who is used by the high school art teachers and I will be checking him out, hopefully, some time in January.

Try not to purchase anything at regular price!

I know I’m going to spend, so I might as well do it smart. The guilty side of me says I should stop buying stash, but I know that’s not going to happen and I may as well be honest with myself now. I do need to get a better handle on what I have though since I’m sure there are going to be some outstanding releases by designers in 2006. There are some great INSs out there that have great sales and I’m going to try to keep things on my wish list and only purchase them when they’re on sale.

My non-stitching goals - debt and my weight. Both numbers need to be drastically reduced. Husband and I both are making paying down our CCs our financial goal this year and I’ll be happy to reduce my debt by 1/3.

. : 2005 Finishes : .
Nov 16 - December Swirls
Nov 13 - November Twirls
Nov 10 - October Curls
Nov 09 - September Sings
Nov 07 - Redwork Exchange piece
Nov 01 - Autumn Exchange piece
Aug 28 - August Rings
Aug 23 - July Sings
Aug 21 - Quaker Quarterly Exchange
Aug 05 - June Zooms
Aug 05 - Americana Scissor Fob
May 29 - May Blooms
May 17 - April Gloom
Apr 23 - Xtra Tiny Sampler
Apr 18 - The Magnolia
Apr 16 - California Ladybug
Mar 13 - March Blows
Feb 20 - Don't Peek
Feb 05 - February Glows
Jan 23 - Spirit of the Heart
Jan 17 - Spring Queen
Jan 16 - January Snows
Jan 08 - Louisiana
Jan 08 - Delivering Summer
Jan 07 - Two Spotted Ladybug

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