Tuesday, January 03, 2006
A day of firsts.
I finished Sweetheart Tree’s Antique Elegance around 5 p.m. last night.  (Link to photo in left sidebar)   I was expecting it to take much longer to finish that it did, so was totally unprepared with what I was going to stitch next.  I still can’t find the fabric and fibers for Peace so I’ve taken it off my rotation list for now. I’ll continue to look for it and when it shows up, it’ll be the next item back in my rotation when a slot becomes empty.

In the meantime, I filled Antique Elegance’s spot with another small design: Hillside Samplings’ Folk Art Hornbook.  This is a real cute design that came as a kit.  It includes a sweet, limited edition, painted hornbook and I’m really looking forward to finishing it off.  The included fiber is GAST Black Crow and the design contains Smyrna, four-sided, scotch, Algerian eye, satin, Italian cross stitch, rice, herringbone, bargello and queen stitches.

Since Peace was an over 1 design, I’ve filled its slot with Rouge du Rhin’s ABC Festoone’.  This is a beautiful design stitched in red silks over 1 on natural colored linen.  The silks are so yummy feeling!

These two designs are both new starts and will bring my rotation up to 5.  I will be choosing something from my already started list later in the week.  I also have an exchange piece to work on, so I may wait until that’s finished.

Today I start my new job.  I cannot believe I’m going to be joining the thousands of individuals that commute to work each day.  I’m both excited and nervous and am kind of scared of getting lost!  LOL I can already tell that getting up early and not being able to sit around a bit in the morning is going to take some getting used to.  And I’m also going to miss my morning stitching time.  We’ll see how much I complain when I get my first paycheck, though ;)

I made a pot of vegetable beef soup yesterday so I don’t have to worry about dinner tonight.  I asked for a Rachel Ray cookbook for Christmas, but since that didn’t happen, I think we’ll shop for one this weekend.  I lost 6 pounds while I was sick and I want to continue to lose weight.  If I have some fast and healthy meals to cook it’ll be a lot easier, plus I can get Husband to start meals on the evenings we’ll both be home.
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