Monday, January 02, 2006
I love it when a planned day comes together.
Yesterday was NOT one of those days!  LOL

I am feeling 100% better this morning.  I managed to stay up until 10 last night and awoke at 6 this morning.  The coffee’s made, the dishwasher is empty and here I am enjoying catching up on blogs and what some of my fellow stitchers did to ring in the new year.

The only thing I did yesterday, that was on my to-do list, was get the Christmas decorations put away.  We didn’t go to the movies (raining), I didn’t get to start the new design I wanted to stitching (not the right threads) and Bandit didn’t get a bath or pedicure.  Sounds earth shattering doesn’t it!  

I did manage 5 hours on Sweetheart Tree’s Antique Elegance, and if the stitching goddess is kind to me, I may just finish it today!  I’m going to have to add the fabric it’s stitched on to my wish list.  I just love it!

I’m expecting to receive a package from Vikki any day now.  It contains the new silks for The Token and samples for French Alphabet Sampler.  I’m really excited about starting over on The Token and getting Husband to decide on a color for FAS.  

I really feel I’m much more organized in my stitching for this year, and it has me excited to see what I can accomplish.  I don’t have nearly as many small designs in the lineup, like I did last year, so I’m expecting some larger finishes this year.

It looks like rain again today, and since neither Husband nor I want to get wet, since we’ve been sick, we may just stay in and do “nothing” again today.
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