Sunday, January 01, 2006
Happy New Year
Still trying to recover here!

Husband and I went to grab something at Chili’s last night but the food tasted terrible to me so Bandit had a feast when we got home. I want my taste buds back! I’m sleeping through the night and dragging through the day.

I went to bed at 9:00 last night. That’s the latest I’ve made it up all week. Of course I slept until 8:00 this morning. I’m going to have to force myself to stay up later and get up earlier the next couple of days to get used to working again, so I’m not falling asleep at my desk.

2 more days until my new job starts.

I finished up 70 hours on Fairy Moon yesterday. Here’s a very wrinkled picture I took, before putting her away for a while.

Today I’m stitching on The Sweetheart Tree’s Antique Elegance, which I started at CATS in October.

We have no plans to go anywhere so we’ve put all the inside decorations away, including the tree. I have my living room back! The sun is shining on this first day of 2006. Here’s to a happy new year for the entire world.
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