Thursday, January 05, 2006
Is it the weekend yet?
Getting used to new things is hard!  LOL  

Yesterday was much easier.  I was less stressed since I kind of knew what was ahead of me.  It took me 45 to get to and from work and I can deal with that.  I’m still a bit concerned about getting to class on time, but I’m going to do a couple of test runs next week.

I’m using a couple of programs at work that I had learned in school a couple of years ago.  I thought I had forgotten them, but yesterday was a great refresher course.  Thankfully the books are close at hand, but I seem to be catching on without them.

V took me on a tour downtown yesterday.  I love courthouses.  They’re so noble!  There are 5 courthouses within a 2-block radius and it was a rather safe feeling environment - especially the federal courthouse.  All those people walking around armed!  LOL  You see them on the news at night, but to stand in the middle of the lobby area or the outside courtyard and they’re so H.U.G.E.  – again, especially the federal courthouse.

Still didn’t stitch last night.  I was glued to the TV watching the Texas v USC game.  Again….woohoo!

I need to stitch.  Maybe tonight.  Oh and Husband had dinner almost ready when I got home last night…pizza!  No complaints though, since it was hot and I wasn’t cooking it.  I think the crockpot is about to become my friend.
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