Friday, January 13, 2006
TGIF and Payday

Woohoo! Thank goodness it's Friday and Payday.

This has been an extraordinarily long feeling week for me. I guess it's because I've been stressing over getting to school on time next week. Fortunately, Boss has given me the OK to leave at 4:30 on school nights. It will still take me the same amount of time to get there, but at least I'll have time to get to class on time.

Still no word on when to meet for my challenged classes issue. I guess I'm just going to have to request an appointment with the Dean. I'm so tired of the run around and ignoring that I feel is going on.

Got my first paycheck today and I was happy with it. Looks like I'll be getting about 1.5 hrs of overtime every week. I did not count the time I was sitting at my desk eating my lunch because I was surfing the net, but was told that if I don't leave my desk, I get paid because I'm there to answer the phone and greet people when they come in. Sounds like a receptionist, huh. I don't normally answer the phone, though so if I they want to pay me to do that, fine by me!

My pay does come by check and even though the 15th is Sunday, that's the date on the check. This will take some getting used to and I'll need to adjust my automatic payments going out from my bank, but I'll deal.

No stitching for the past couple of nights. I've been busy in my office getting Quicken set up for 2006.

My house is a mess that needs to be remedied for the stitch together tomorrow. Sigh. I hate housework.

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