Saturday, December 10, 2005
When a 3-day weekend isn't
Thank you for your concern about Bandit.  He’s hobbling around on 3 legs and Husband is upsetting me because he’s called him ‘tripod.’  He looks so pathetic.  He wants to do his regular things, but you can tell it hurts because he’ll start limping.  And, when he does too much, he starts to quiver.  

Last night I finally held him down and clipped his toes apart and cleared as much of the adhesive off him as I could.  I was nearly in tears by the time I was finished because he would cry.  He’s such a sweetie, that instead of biting, he would start nibbling on me…like you do a cob of corn.  Sniff.  Anyway, that helped tremendously, since he’s not bothering it as much as he was now that his toes aren’t taped together.  I did leave the adhesive on the bottom of the pad of the toe that’s hurt because it just seemed to pull too much.

I cleaned out the wound really well, poured peroxide on it, dried it, and then glued it shut.  I’m no longer concerned that it will continue to “rip” itself further.  One of the detriments to his breed is that he’s so thin skinned; little wounds can turn into huge ones from pressure tears.  That no longer seems to be a threat.  He’s also no longer freely bleeding, there’s no swelling, but it’s still VERY tender.  Last night he was trying to get under the covers and snagged it on the blanket and just cried and cried.   Poor baby :(  It just kills my heart to hear him yelp when he bumps it.

Yesterday was my day off, but I was so busy with the interviews and then watching him, that it didn’t feel like a day off.

The first interview was with the headhunter and it was a strange feeling knowing that I was going that route.  Nice to know someone is marketing me though.  I passed all their little tests with flying colors.  She also talked me into considering a temp-to-hire position.  I was leery at first, but she says their history has been great and she could not remember anyone ever NOT being hired on at the end of the 3-month probationary period.  Most were hired after the first month, since it’s in the firm’s best financial interest to be paying directly instead of paying the agency their fees on top of the employee’s salary.

The second interview was with an employment attorney, who is looking for a law office manager and secretary.  I know I could do the job, since he spelled out in minute detail what he was looking for, I just don’t know if I’d enjoy working for him.  His current manager is his stepdaughter who has had some life-changing events happen that have made her rethink wanting to work full time.  He’ll have a decision made by mid-week.

On the way to the first interview I received a phone call from another headhunter agency.  I had not gone to them, but did apply for a part-time position nearby and they have been asked to conduct the interviews.  That’s next Friday.

Today, I’m cleaning a much-neglected house and then this afternoon Melissa will be coming over to stitch.  I need to get the rest of my decorations put up in the living room, but that may wait until tomorrow.

I’m stitching away on Fairy Moon.  I’ve finished 14 hours on her and have made great progress.  I’m trying to decide if I want to continue stitching on her today, or stitch on The Token, which is my regular “stitch-together” piece.

Either way, I’ll post progress pictures this weekend.  I also owe a couple of exchange pictures, including the beautiful “chocolate” scissor fob I received.

For some reason my blog is not pinging properly.  I’ve noticed in others that it’s not showing up, and I don’t know why.  I’ve gone through and reset everything that should be set, so we’ll see.
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