Monday, December 12, 2005
Okay, so I lied!
I said I would post a progress picture of The Fairy Moon, but I just didn't want to take her off the qsnaps before the next 10 hours were up. I'm at 50 hours now. That means I've stitched 30 hours since Wednesday! I've also finished LofR and am now about an hour into Star Wars IV, and yes I watched I - III first!

Here's a very faded picture. I hate taking photos in my house at night, because we have such horrid lighting.

I'm going to keep going and I'm going to bead on the moon for awhile - tomorrow.

I also have located the pattern for Peace! Now to find the WIP and floss.

Bandit survived on his own most of the afternoon today. I know Husband came home some time after I left for work and visited with him before he had to go take care of some college stuff. I'm sure he slept most of the afternoon. He's so happy to see us when we come home that he's overdone it and is now limping worse than when I left this morning. It's just going to be a long healing process for him and because he only has 2 speeds (off and on) it's hard for him to slow down. Thanks for all the well-wishes.
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