Saturday, August 06, 2005
Mini happy dance
I finished June Zooms last night. Took me 20 minutes, which included getting all the supplies out, getting the design on q-snaps, getting going. I immediately started on July sings.

My 2005 Finishes needs photos added. I’ll have to take care of that after I finish my rotation slot on the Snappers.

I’ve also received the name of the person I’m sending to for the Redwork Exchange. Yippee! After looking at her intro on the BB, I think she’ll be happy with what I originally intended on making.

Husband is going for a training ride this morning and when he returns we’re headed to Ikea for my shelves and to Runner’s World for shoes for him.

I got all the laundry done yesterday (I’ve been keeping up via Flylady and only had a couple of loads anyway) so today I just need to vacuum and mop to have all the housework done. Lots of stitching time will be available this weekend, but I still need to work on my paper that’s due next Thursday, so I’ll have to work on it as well. I also need to post some things on eBay, since they're already pulled (including Americana Scissor Fob!).

The house that Husband and I fell in love with back home has been reduced another $6,000. I wish it were closer to the time he would be retiring. Shoot if it were closer to the time that I was finishing school, I honestly think we’d make an offer now. I’ve been watching the employment site my dad gave me when we were home and there have been several legal secretary and paralegal jobs listed since June. I don’t think I’m going to have trouble find employment when the time comes. One of the agencies that is posting positions is an agency I worked for many years ago, and that gives me hope as well.

Thanks Becky and Christine on my scissor fob. I showed it to Husband last night and he also said it looked okay. I guess I'm just too critical of myself.
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