Monday, August 08, 2005
Monday mornings
Monday, the beginning of the week, and I never know what it will bring.

This Monday morning brought the news that Peter Jennings had died. I used to never miss a telecast of his. ABC was my favorite nightly news deliverer and when he did a special I was sure to tune in. I knew for a very long time that he was Canadian, but I didn’t care until he got “opinionated”, in his own way, about the Iraq war (regarding the USA) and the types of support given the men and women there and left behind waiting for comrades, friends and family members to return. My reaction “How dare he!?! He’s a Canadian!” I started going elsewhere for the news. Even when I’d heard that he’d “become” an American, I stayed away from his broadcasts. When I heard that he’d been diagnosed for cancer, I started tuning in again, because I knew since it was such a personal matter for him, there would be specials on cancer and I knew they’d be informative. I remember when he quit broadcasting and I continued to tune in to ABC, this time waiting to hear something about how he was doing. I guess I felt like he was a family member who’d misspoke himself and was now on my bad side. I didn’t want to socialize with him, but I wanted to keep up with what was going on in his life. I would never wish any type of disease on my worst enemy and was so saddened to open CNN online this morning and see his face with the dreaded from then to now date under his name.

This Monday morning I see Son's car parked outside. I must have been exhausted when I went to bed last night because I never heard him come in.

This Monday morning finds me chuckling to myself over Hitch. Husband and I watched it last night and both of us thoroughly enjoyed it.

This Monday morning finds me working on my essay that's due Thursday instead of stitching because I didn't work on it this weekend.

And last but not least, this Monday morning finds my fabric and fibers cabinet fully organized. (Click for larger view). I’m not happy with how it looks. I need to find something that will fit on my shelves and show off the pretty colors of the floss. I have them in snack size ziplock bags, since I can just pull the bag out and put it on a ring for my project. I toyed with the idea of getting the pullout toolbox things, but because of the ease to go from project to project, I want to keep the ziplock bags. The yellow cards/numbers indicate the first color in that box. The small square box on the left is my meager supply of kreiniks.

The blue box on under the "kreiniks" box holds the fibers for my “Half Sick of Shadows” I purchased from Scarlet Quince. This is going to be my lifetime project. I’m trying to decide if I want to stitch it over 1 or over 2 and until I decide that, the floss will sit there and it won’t get started. Of course, now that I have my fabric sorted, it’ll be easier for me to decide because I refuse to buy any more fabric! I keep reminding myself that I still have a ton of fabric that’s in my kitted containers, which are stacked to the right of my desk for now.

To the right is a corner shelf that still needs lots of work done to it. I’m going to install an overhead light and Velcro in some pegboard so I can display some of my stuff in it. I have a matching corner unit on the other side of the room that I’m currently using to display some larger things and hold my sewing machine and tiny serger.

I’m thinking of keeping the blue copy paper box you see, and covering it in washi paper I brought back from Japan. I have the paper standing behind the box, trying to decide which one I want to use. The box lid will hold the fibers and whatnots I have that need to be incorporated into my stash. I may yet change my mind about that and just find a pretty basket or two to use instead.

Here's my poor dining table. It's a wonder it's not creaking and groaning. I have to fit all of that, plus two copy paper boxes full, into another shelf like the one above. I'm also planning on purchasing another shelf that's half as wide for the other corner of my room. Bits and pieces, one step at a time, it'll get there.

I finally picked out a fabric and design for my Quaker Quarterly Exchange. The fabric caught my eye when I was organizing my stuff yesterday and I immediately knew it was perfect. Fabric is 32 ct Light Sand Belfast. The pattern is one from the new pattern book just released by the Ackworth School and reminds me of a sand dollar. The fibers are Vikki Clayton’s Caribbean Eve.
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